Design is experimental. There is room to make mistakes, to explore, to try again. No first try is always perfect. In a professional setting, it takes trial and error to perfect a goal. Anyone can create designs.
There is a design for anyone whether it be from a designer meeting the needs of a client or from a kid reading the labels on toys. Design experimental come into play in finding the right audience. Attempt one may not meet the needs of client one, but learning from that attempt can bring forth information gathered for improvements. This tells the tale of the grit of the designer. 
    Creating design takes patience and practice. In the end, design becomes memorable, motivational, and inspirational. It creates a long-lasting effect that sticks with the viewer. It even makes a difference in the world and a difference to an individual’s life. With design surrounding us in our everyday lives, we walk pass or stop to take a glance at the work of someone’s patience, experiment, and perseverance.
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