Hello, my name is Camela Manheimer. I am from a small town called Kayenta, which is located on the Navajo reservation in Northern Arizona. My tribal affiliation is full Navajo (Diné)
I graduated from Monument Valley High School in spring 2018 and started my undergrad at Fort Lewis College in fall 2018.
I graduated with BA in Communication Design and a minor in Gender & Sexuality Studies at Fort Lewis College (FLC) in May 2023. Currently, I am working on a Digital Marketing Certificate at FLC. I had studied abroad in Summer 2023 in Greece for one month under FLC Art Department and Fall 2023 in Japan for five months under FLC partner exchange program.
I am an illustrator that focuses on using Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop as my digital media. I also have experience in traditional art, particularly watercolor, pen & ink, color pencils, markers, and acrylic paints. Photography is another art from that I enjoy, especially using instant print cameras and Polaroids.

My hobbies include baking, walking, hiking, yoga, botany, traveling, and video games.

Please contact me for any questions!
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